In today’s environment, not even the strictest of diets can totally protect us from ingesting microscopic amounts of harmful elements that tax our body’s organs, throwing our systems out of balance, and undermining our best efforts to stay healthy.  We are celebrating 20 years that Extended Health’s supplements have been sold by doctors to help support the body’s natural processes for dealing with the stresses on our system.

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Extended Health Liver Support Formula


Liver detoxification probably isn’t on your radar. It should be if you’re concerned about optimum health and wellness.  Even if you’re as conscientious as possible about your health, your liver—one of the largest organs in your body and one of the most important—still has to work overtime to clean impurities from your blood. At any point in time, 10-15 percent of the blood in your body is in your liver being cleansed of impurities caused by smoke, alcohol and fatty foods.

If that weren’t responsibility enough, your liver also has to produce bile (an essential component in the digestion of fats and the neutralization of toxins), produce and stockpile glucose for quick energy, store vitamins A, D, E and K, metabolize alcohol, drugs and chemicals, support your immune system, and more.  Your liver, however, can’t perform these vital functions to the best of its capacity when deprived of the fuel it needs. And if your liver isn’t doing its job as well as it might be due to nutritional deficiencies in your diet, the toxins in your body are multiplying instead of being filtered out.

The detoxification ingredients in Extended Health’s Liver Support ensure that your liver has the essential nutrients it needs for optimum health and function.  While many liver-support formulas contain silymarin, the antioxidant found in milk thistle, Extended Health’s Liver Support formula goes one better by combining a specific hybrid artichoke—a member of the thistle family and a powerful antioxidant in its own right—with sarsaparilla.  This creates a synergistic effect that supports liver function, liver health, and your overall health wellness.