In today’s environment, not even the strictest of diets can totally protect us from ingesting microscopic amounts of harmful elements that tax our body’s organs, throwing our systems out of balance, and undermining our best efforts to stay healthy.  We are celebrating 20 years that Extended Health’s supplements have been sold by doctors to help support the body’s natural processes for dealing with the stresses on our system.

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Extended Health’s Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula works to promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, while also supporting increased blood flow.  This formula is designed to support the body’s natural process for eliminating harmful elements without the ingredient EDTA, which is found in the regular Heart Plus Detox Formula.  The two-bottle system contains nutritionally replenishing antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids, important enzymes, and nineteen phyto-therapeutic superfoods & herbal extracts.  Each 2-90CT Bottle set contains one AM-Bottle and one PM-Bottle.

Our Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula now contains 5-MTHF and methylcobalamin to help open the detoxification pathways that aid in the elimination of harmful elements.

Our Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula contains powerful ingredients:

  • 16 nutrients that help bond with and remove harmful elements
  • 31 antioxidants
  • 16 vitamins
  • 7 amino acids
  • 3 enzymes
  • 19 phyto-therapeutic superfoods & herbal extracts

The superior benefits of Extended Health’s Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula results from the synergistic effect of combining natural agents that help bond with harmful elements.  These natural agents include activated clay, certain bioflavonoids, chlorella, cilantro, CoQ10, garlic, L-cysteine, L-glutathione, lipoic acid, methionine, selenium, sodium alginate and zinc.

The addition of nutrients known to support liver function and detoxification also increases the effectiveness of our Detox Formulas.  Antioxidants and essential nutrients enhance the detoxification process by replacing the small losses of beneficial minerals that are removed during the process.  They promote the healing of tissues and prevent free-radical oxidative damage.  The antioxidants in the Formula help neutralize free radicals that are formed by a variety of oxidizing agents.  For this reason, our Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula contains over 30 different antioxidants and can serve as a convenient, non-invasive, long-term health maintenance and prevention program for maintaining overall good health and wellness.  The gradual dosage delivery system significantly reduces the risk of side effects.  Our Formulas are safe for both children and adults when correctly following label directions.

Benefits of Extended Health’s Vegetarian Heart Plus Detox Formula:

  • Have been recommended by doctors for years.
  • Have a gradual dosage delivery system during the first month significantly reduces the risk of side effects.
  • Include ingredients that support the major detoxification pathways, (liver & kidneys) so that during the detox process everything runs smoothly; the body can get rid of those harmful elements without side effects.
  • Replenish the nutrient elements of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.
  • Have AM and PM components that are designed so that the detoxification and the nutrient restoration functions do not compete with each other.